664T Home Dynamic DNS Settings

664T Home Dynamic DNS Settings

DNS Settings

Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) lets you assign a fixed host and domain name to a dynamic Internet IP address. It is useful when you are hosting your own website, FTP server, or other server behind the Router. Before using this feature, you need to sign up for DDNS service .

664T Home LAN Settings

664T Home LAN Settings

LAN Settings

These are the IP settings of the LAN interface for the DSL-G664T. These settings may be referred to as Private settings. You may change the LAN IP address if needed. The LAN IP address is private to your internal network and cannot be seen on the Internet. The default IP address is with a subnet mask of You may enter a local domain name for the LAN network if you prefer.

664T Home WAN Settings

664T Home WAN Settings

WAN Settings

WAN Settings are settings that are used to connect to your ISP. These settings may be referred to as Public settings. These settings are provided to you by your ISP. Please select the appropriate option to connect to your ISP.

PVC - Leave the set at the default value 0 the first time the Router is set up. For more information on this option see Multiple PVC Operation.

VPI - If instructed to change this, type in the VPI value for the initial connection (using PVC 0). Default= 8.

VCI - If instructed to change this, type in the VCI value for the initial connection (using PVC 0). Default= 35.

Virtual Circuit - The Virtual Circuit over which this PPP data is sent. The VC identifies the physical path the data takes to reach your ISP.

Service Category - Select the ATM service category.

PCR - Enter the ATM PCR value.

SCR - Enter the ATM SCR value.

WAN - Dynamic IP Address

Select this option if your ISP provides you an IP address automatically. This option is typically used for Cable services. Please enter the Dynamic IP information accordingly.

WAN - Static IP Address

Select this option to set static IP information. You will need to enter in the Connection type, IP address, subnet mask, gateway address, and DNS address(es) provided to you by your ISP. Each IP address entered in the fields must be in the appropriate IP form, which is four IP octets separated by a dot (x.x.x.x). The Router will not accept the IP address if it is not in this format. Example:


Select this option if your ISP requires you to use a PPPoA/PPPoE connection. This option is typically used for DSL services. Select PPPoA/PPPoE to obtain an IP address automatically for your PPPoA/PPPoE connection. Please enter the information accordingly.

WAN - Bridge Mode

The modem can be configured to act as a bridging device between your LAN and your ISP. Bridges are devices that enable two or more networks to communicate as if they are two segments of the same physical LAN. Please set the Connection type.

664T Home Wireless Settings

664T Home Wireless Settings

Wireless Settings

Setup Select to setup basic wireless parameters.

SSID -The service set identifier ( SSID ) or network name. It is case sensitive and must not exceed 32 characters, which may be any keyboard character. You shall have selected the same SSID for all the APs that will be communicating with mobile wireless stations.

Channel -Select the appropriate channel from the list provided to correspond with your network settings. You shall assign a different channel for each AP to avoid signal interference.

Security: There are 2 types of security to be selected. To secure your Wireless Networks.

WEP: Make sure that all wireless devices on your network are using the same encryption level and key. WEP keys must consist of the letters "A" through "F" and the numbers "0" through "9."

WPA: 802.1x:WPA RADIUS uses an external RADIUS server to perform user authentication. To use WPA RADIUS, enter the IP address of the RADIUS server, the RADIUS Port (default is 1812) and the shared secret from the RADIUS server.

PSK: Is a special mode of WPA for home users without an enterprise authentication server and provides the same strong encryption protection.To use WPA Pre-Shared Key, enter a password in the WPA Shared Key field between 8 and 63 characters long.

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