HP CD Writer 7200 Plus (intern)

HP CD Writer 7200 Plus (intern)

Hardware specifications

System features

Einer der besten Brenner die ich bei mir im Einsatz hatte über Jahre hinweg.

HP part number: 7200i C4380A Interface: 7200I EIDE-(ATAPI) with MMC Loading mechanism: Tray Transfer rates: Read: 1 X, 2 X, 4 X, 6 X*(1x=150 kB/s) Write: 1 X, 2 X (CD-R); 2 X (CD-RW):Buffering 1 MB (more than 3 sec at 1X speed)1 Write methods: Track at once Disc at once Incremental (packet) MultiSession acc.: Orange Book part 2 Logical Recording format: UDF and ISO 9660 Media: CD-RW or CD-R

Disc capacities

120mm disc Disc listed capacity: 74 minutes Data capacity: 681,984,000 bytes Disc listed capacity: 63 minutes Data capacity: 580,608,000 bytes 80mm disc Disc listed capacity: 21 minutes Data capacity: 193,536,000 bytes Disc listed capacity: 18 minutes Data capacity: 165,888,000 bytes


Sustained Transfer rates

1 X read/write Mode 2, Form 2 or Audio: 175KB/sec. Data (Mode 1 or Mode 2, Form 1): 150KB/sec. 2 X read/write Mode 2, Form 2 or Audio: 350KB/sec. Data (Mode 1 or Mode 2, Form 1): 300KB/sec. 6 X read only Mode 2, Form 2 or Audio: 1.05 MB/sec. Data (Mode 1 or Mode 2, Form 1): 900KB/sec.* Minimum Burst Transfer rate: 2.5 Mbytes/sec. Spin-in time (2 X)2: 3 seconds max. Initialization time (2 X)3: 5 seconds max. Disc Finalization time (2 X): 2 minutes max.


Firmware version 3.01 for HP CD-Writer Plus 7200 Drives Download

This firmware update fixes the following issues:

  • Disc at Once (DAO) writes a bad TOC (Table of Contents) on audio CD's.
  • During the dummy write process (or sometimes referred to as 'write emulation'), the drive would (unintentionally) write something to the calibration area of a CD-Recordable disc. This would render an unusable disc after performing 99 times a dummy write to the same disc.
  • Disc type ID is read from the disc (PMA lead-in). This can prevent the option of being able on other recordable drives to append to a disc that has been written by the "HP CD-Writer 7100 series"
  • Some problems have been observed with resetting a computer system that runs Windows NT 4.0: Sometimes after resetting this system, the drive would not respond correctly, which then resulted in the fact that the disc is not visible in the Windows Explorer.
  • Playing Video CD discs under Win 95 renders choppy video (video breaks up, jerky movement)
  • Certain Toshiba drives cannot read discs because of an error in the Table of Contents (TOC)
  • Issue that causes multi session CD-R's created with the 7100 and 7200 products to be unreadable by a large majority of CD-ROM devices.
  • Multi Read Pre-gap
  • 6x video Read.

Akku Berechnung 1.6

Akku Leistung

Transfer Calc 1.6

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